Is it just me, or has anyone else found after having a baby, their ability to sit through entire episode of Greys Anatomy without crying goes out the window? Or the advert where the little girl holds her nose to grow up quicker? Or the KFC one with the old couple dancing?
I have never been a cryer (ok except for when my husband INSISTED we see 8 below, a ridiculously sad movie about dogs being left on a mountain in a blizzard. I cried so hard I had to leave) but since I’ve had Lily I’m so much more emotional! Friends of mine recently got engaged, when I heard I cried. Then when I was looking for ideas on the internet for dresses for her I cried. And now I’m crying all over again thinking about it! I cried when my best friend said her boyfriend was coming home after working away for 6 months, then I cried again when she said he wasn’t. Its insane, what the hell! I have never been like this. I used to only cry when sad or angry, not happy! Don’t even get me started on anything that has babies going missing, getting hurt or being sad in any way. The other day I sobbed through the end of tangled. Yes I’m serious! Its pathetic!
Does this get better? Do all new moms find they are extra sensitive? Mommyhood seems to have made me soft!


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