human kindness


Last night I felt uneasy. When we went to bed I made Shaun check all the doors and windows and our cars to make sure everything was locked up tight. I was super aware all night and kept getting up to check on Lily & at one stage seriously considered waking Shaun up to go check out a noise I’d heard. I kept telling myself that I was being silly & over reacting. Anyway walking Shaun out this morning as he left for work we were greeted with the sight of the cut electric fence, people everywhere and the cars all along our street broken into. Thankfully my car doesn’t hold anything interesting (unless baby toys, empty water bottles and an extraordinary amount of junk count), and Shauns bakki only had his surf board in it which was in a board bag and wasn’t very visible. Our neighbours golf clubs were taken though & a lap top out of another car.
So I wasn’t feeling very cheerful. Shaun and I were broken into on the South Coast a little while ago, while staying at my dads place, and all of our clothes and valuables were taken. It was a very near miss as we had just left the house with Lily after deciding that we’d all go out instead of Shaun popping out for takeaways and leaving me & Lily at home as we had planned. Isn’t it amazing how things work out? This isn’t going to be a rant about the crime in our country. I’ve been there, left the country for greener pastures and turned around and came home again. There is no place like home, nowhere comes close.
Onto the point of this post! I went to the shops to get some groceries and had Lily in the baby carrier and a trolley full of shopping bags about to start the mammoth task of packing the car when a women I’d never seen before came up to me and greeted me like an old friend. Hmmm I’m now thinking fast trying to figure out if I know her and where I could possibly have met her. I’m terrible with names but very good with faces. And I was coming up totally blank. So she says “I saw you unpacking all these groceries with a small baby all alone with an out of town number plate, and had to come say hi” so we chatted for a while & I told her how we’d only lived here for a year & my family are all in Jhb etc & she took my number & invited me to her moms group. It really made me smile because I’m always up to meet new people. When I got home my neighbour had organised the alarm company to come and reset my alarm because we haven’t been able to use it as no one knew the code. She knew I’d be nervous and got it sorted for me- for free!
Its the small things that really count, I’ve never been one for grand gestures. They’re usually fake and just for show in my opinion. The small things are what count. The coffee waiting for me when I come down stairs in the morning after a long night of baby duty. The perfectly made bed waiting for me to climb into courtesy of my mom when Lily was newborn & I was to tired to think straight. The dishwasher loaded & running & kitchen tidied up while I put Lily to sleep. This is what’s important, the small acts of kindness that make my day.


About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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  1. I have learnt not to ignore those nagging feelings of uneasy!! Glad that your cars were left alone – even if they dont take anything its the pain of fixing what they broke ;-/

    Super cool about the invite to the moms group and the neighbour helping out!

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