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2011 wrap up


1st of Jan: threw a tantrum because I missed my cat and house and wanted to go home. Resulted in us leaving holiday 2 days early.
2nd Jan: bad mood, cramps, inkling of a feeling…
3rd Jan: opened my eyes and knew I was pregnant. 2 pee tests and a blood test later, I was pregnant!
Dates fall away now because that’s really asking to much.
Vanessa (mother-in-law) turned 50 and we flew to Jhb for her party.
We moved into our second house in Richards Bay, same complex but bigger house.
Rushed back to the doctor after our 8 week appointment due to unexplained bleeding.
Spent a week on bedrest in terror.
Learnt we were having a healthy baby girl!
Argued over names, I wanted Sage, Shaun wanted Summer. We settles on Lily Sage.
Dad, Vanida, Shalia came to visit.
Russell and Josie came to visit.
Mom and Vanessa came to visit- lots 🙂
Went to the Vaal for 10 days
Got huge
Shaun went away a lot
Fought with the doctor for a natural birth
Went to antenatal classes
Got ever bigger
Shaun went away to NOSA award ceremony & Vanessa stayed with me in case I went into labour. I didn’t but I did slip and fall and rushed to the doctor. Thanks to being so huge Lily was fine.
Was induced and naturally delivered a healthy gorgeous baby girl.
Changed my first nappy ever.
Learnt how to breastfeed
Learnt how to do things one handed
Moved for the third time in a year & a half.
Dad came to visit
Jen, Doug,Mom, Norms, Russell and Josie came to visit and spoilt us all silly
Had a wonderful first christmas at home, and first christmas as a family.
Dreaded New Years party( that’s only happening tomorrow, I’m sure it will be lovely but I’m such a bore when it comes to NY)

Day 08 -> Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.


Sigh. I don’t want to do this post. I’m feeling that it is the end of one year and almost the beginning of the next, and I need to look forward not back. Discussing the people who have made my life difficult will not help me be a better mother, wife, friend, or person. So I won’t. Instead I’ll be discussing people who have made me feel awesome, treated me with kindness and made each day a bit easier.
My wonderful twitter friends are first on the list. The amazing support I get from people I’ve never met in real life is indescribable. I feel I have made real friends this year, through twitter. Maybe I’m being naĂŻve but that’s ok.
Secondly the women I have met in my little town who hold my hand when I have to take Lily for her shots and pop round with yummies and a chat so I don’t get cabin fever. Even my neighbour who always comes by for a chat and some tickles for Lily.
Thirdly all my long time friends, who send me constant messages of love and support. Even though we’re all so far apart and see eachother so rarely I love you guys.
Obviously Shaun should be first on this list, but as I wrote a blog post about him for Day 7, I thought that was obvious.
My cousins, Lorraine who was pregnant with me and Sharon who disappeared on a mad adventure. They are like my older sisters, who I can always rely on for great advice and fabulous gossip!
My dad and brother, who are two strong pillars who may not be the best communicators on the planet, but who are two of the most wonderful men. They both adore on Lily, and me! I know I can always count on both of them.
Finally my mom and mom-in-law. Who have given me my space to be a mom my way. They haven’t bulldozed their way in and tried to show me the ‘right’ way to do things, but are always there to give me advice when I need it. I’m so lucky to have two strong moms in my life, that I can aspire to be like.

Here’s to a New Year full of positivity, happiness, friends, family and baby giggles!

Day 07 -> Someone who has made your life worth living for.


I met my gorgeous husband on matric holiday. Neither of us were looking for a serious relationship, but as soon as we met I knew. I knew I would marry him. He is a wonderful man who is my best friend & soul mate all rolled into one. He looks after Lily & I and is an amazing dad. I’m thankful every single day that he tricked me with fake tequila.
I love you Shaun, forever.

Day 06 -> Something you hope you never have to do.


I’m not going to say the obvious. As a mother, its clear what I hope to never have to do, and I can’t even speak about it.

So I’m going to tell you the second thing I hope to never have to do:
I’m terrified of spiders. Terrified, petrified and just plain shit scared. I know I know, they’re more scared of you than you are of them, most spiders aren’t poisonous, you’re more likely to die from getting hit by a champagne cork than a spider bite, blah blah blah. I don’t care. A phobia is irrational and I can’t get over it. I hope I never have to! I know how one gets over fears and its by being exposed slowly to the thing one is scared of. No. No way. Not gonna happen. Ever.

Day 05 -> Something you hope to do in your life


Anyone who knows me, or anyone who reads this blog or follows my twitter stream, knows I’m a total Harry Potter addict. I know, it’s totally geeky and totally ridiculous but I can’t help it! The way I see it there are worse addictions one can have. Recently my dad, step mother, brother and sister all went to th Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. I’ve been wanting to go, dreaming of going, since it opened. I have to admit I cried a little bit when my dad was sending me photos on BBM of the castle and Hogsmead and all the awesome things.

You know you’re addicted to Harry Potter when….

So something I hope to do, HAVE TO DO, is go there. I have to go! I’ve always wanted to go back to Disney land and Disney world and I hope to do that to one day, but Harry Potter world is top of the list. Shaun is not interested in the slightest. He rolls his eyes and is non committal when I talk about it. To him a holiday is not a holiday unless it involves surfing. Usually I’d be all for that, I love nothing more than a good tropical holiday, but one day, I will get my way and I will see Hogwarts.


Day 04 -> Something you have to forgive someone for.


At the risk of losing followers, I’m going to use a scenario out of the book “the shack”. The book revolves around a father whose daughter is kidnapped and killed. God tells the father to forgive the evil man who did it, as She knows that its the only way for him to heal. God says (and this is verbatim because I don’t have the book & I’m stating it from memory) that he needs to forgive him every day, and one day, he will start to believe it. She makes the grief stricken father say “I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you” continually. Forgiveness is not something that happens over night. I don’t believe that you can one day say “ok, all is forgotten, I forgive you”. That’s not how we work. Our memories work to well! So instead I believe that forgiveness is something that needs to be worked on.

I’ve spoken about this in my post 101 things about me. Everyday I have to say to myself, “I forgive her”. I forgive my stepmother for my parents divorce. I know that my mom and dad are both equally at fault, but as I saw the pain both of them experienced first hand, I have forgiven them both a long time ago. I know it was a difficult thing for both of them. Whether blaming her is right or fair is not the question, the fact is that I do, and I’m working on forgiving her.

Day 03 -> Something you have to forgive yourself for.


I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian. I feel horribly guilty for eating meat and have tried so many times to give up! I once had a bet with my brother on who would be able to go the longest as a vegetarian and I only lasted a few days. Shaun and I have at least one day a week where we are meat free, and I don’t miss meat when I don’t have it, but the moment I say “I’m going to stop eating meat” it doesn’t work. I wish I could give it up, but I can’t. I think its time for me to forgive myself for failing at vegetarianism. I have tried countless times and I have failed countless times. The fact is, I love bacon, mince, hamburgers, biltong and steak. I can’t give it up and I’ve decided its ok, I forgive you Shaz.