Melinda over at Diaries of a white mother raising a black baby  elected my blog for an award! I feel so special, any award is a good award and seeing as I NEVER get awards or win anything Im seeing this as both! Whoo Hoo!

First of all I have tell you seven things about me that you wouldn’t know. Then I have to pass on the award to 15 other people. Most of the blogs I read have already received this, but I’ll see what I can do…

1: I am an unashamed Harry Potter addict.

I have read each book up to 8 times and I have them all on audio books as well and listen to them on repeat. I never ever get sick of it. It drives my husband crazy because whenever he gets in my car I have Harry Potter in the CD player. I started reading the books when I was about 11 and grew up debating plot lines with my family and friends. Its an obsession I know, but I can’t get enough! I can’t wait for Lily to be old enough for me to read the books to her.

2.I’m slightly dyslexic

I write my b’s as d’s and my d’s as b’s and mix up my lefts and rights. Words that I have written sometimes have all the letters mixed up without me realising it. I often forget which hand my watch is meant to be on, and tried to put Shauns wedding ring on the wrong finger when we were at the alter! It doesn’t affect my life because I realise immediately that the word doesn’t look right and change it. My rights and lefts are corrected by a few seconds of considering which hand I write with. My parents tried to sort it out when I was in grade one, and I still remember that a b is a bat and a ball and a d is a drum and a stick. Ha ha. It has stuck with me though, and I think its a bit late to grow out of it now. Everyone has gotten used to me directing them by saying “turn this way” rather than turn right. I swear its the reason I cannot reverse, I can never figure out which way to turn the steering wheel…

3. I love cookbooks, especially baking ones

I love to cook, and I’m not a bad cook. But I’m a terrible baker. So I read cookbooks that tell you how to make gorgeous cakes, pastries, biscuits and puddings. I buy all the Nigella recipe books and read through them saying “I’m going to make this” and “ooh that looks divine I’m going to make that next weekend” and my hubby nods and smiles because he knows if I try (which isn’t likely) I’ll fail and end up with a flopped mess that I’ll probably eat anyway and then complain that my jeans don’t fit.

4. I love all things pink, fluffy or/and sparkly

At my bachelorette party my maid of honor had asked Shaun questions about me that I had to answer and see what he got right. The one question was “what did Shannon want to be when she grows up?” My answer? “A princess”. His answer? “A princess”! Then she asked “what is Shannons SECOND favourite colour?” My answer I had to think about…eventually I had to settle on purple. His answer “pink, her first and second favourite colour is pink”. Its so true. I’m a girly girl and if its pink, sparkles or is fluffy, I love it. My wedding ring is a pink crystal and my wedding colour was, you guessed it, pink! So happy I had a little girl and I can finally have a pink room in my house!

5. Rescue Remedy is my go-to remedy for everything

Stressed out? Have some rescue. Tired? Have some rescue. Headache? Have some rescue. Fighting with your husband? Have some rescue! In laws for the weekend? Rescue! Baby crying? Rescue! There is nothing rescue remedy can’t sort out.

6. My parents divorce left deep scars.

My parents got divorced with I was 16. It was the biggest thing that ever happened to me at that time in my life. I’m not using the word worst because that sounds incredibly dramatic. The reason it was so bad is because they were so happy (or so it seemed to me and my brother and anyone that knew them). They never fought. They had been married for 20 happy years. Then one day they weren’t. Within the space of a year my dad had moved out and was getting remarried, my mom was looking for a job for the first time in 20 years and our world was thrown upside down. It seems silly to still be affected by it, but I am. Its had a good effect on me too though. I know what is important in a marriage now, and when my husband pisses me off I tell him! I’m also sure to tell him every day how wonderful he is, and how thankful I am for all he does for me and Lily. I will never take my marriage for granted and will never become complacent in my relationship.  I know its easy for me to say that now, but I’m going to remind myself of this everyday for the next 60 years.

7. I have started having nightmares about child birth.

Everyone says “you forget the pain of child birth, that’s how women manage to have more than one child”. And at first I did forget about it, but lately I have been reliving it in my dreams, or while up feeding Lily, or while driving.  Shaun was talking about when to start thinking about our next baby the other night (he said a year, I said two. I won.) and I suddenly got terrified thinking about the birth. I couldn’t stop thinking of the unmanagable pain, and helplessness. I know next time wont be as bad, now that I know what to do to prepare for it. I know what to expect and surely it cant get any worse? Im still terrified. When I think of it my heart starts pounding and I get a knot in my throat. Does anyone else feel like this? Will it go away? Its only been three months…


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