A to Z of Me


Taken from MamaZombie Mumbles.(what makes you think I’ve found a new blog to read and I’m going through a bit of writers block, so need some inspiration!)

Age – 25

Bed size – Queen. In the UK everyone thought we were mad for insisting on a queen size bed. Everyone has doubles there-houses are to small!

Chore you hate – Washing the floors. I can’t seem to figure out how to not get stuck in a corner surrounded by wet floors, or leave dirty footprints behind me.

Dogs – We have had bad luck with pets the last few years. We move around to much. My first was Pixie a sausage who was bitten by a snake at 4 months old and died. We then got Abigail who I adored but had to give up when we moved to the UK. She now lives with a friend and is very happy. We also had Maxi and Piko, two chows who we had when we lived on a game farm in Rustenburg- had to put Piko down as he became aggressive due to a bad leg and we had to find a new home for Maxi when we moved to town. Won’t get pets again anytime soon! I’ll stick to babies!

Essential start to your day – A good bye kiss from Shaun as he either goes to work or surfing, followed by a smile and a cuddle with Lily and then a cup of coffee (usually decaf) and a cookie

Favourite colour – Pink, and purple. But pink.

Gold or silver – White Gold

Height – 171cms don’t know what that is in foot

Instruments that you can play – nothing, I tried the guitar (had a fabulous teacher but wasn’t very good at it). I’d love to play the sax. Its on my bucket list.

Job title – mommy

Kids – a gorgeous daughter named Lily Sage who was born 2 September 2011

Live – in Richards Bay but grew up in Jhb. Since I left home I’ve lived in Rustenburg in 4 different houses (one a huge game farm, which was fun but terrifying because I’m not a bush girl at all), in Australia for a few months, in England for just under a year, on the South coast for a few months, and at the vaal dam for a few months. We got very used to packing and repacking. Been in the Bay for just over a year now and are in our third house- hopefully for longer than 6 months!

Mom’s name – Julie

Nicknames – Shaz, Sha, Shan, Wonch (only my dad ever called me that, and not for years-thank goodness!)

Overnight hospital stays – only when Lily was born. I’ve had 3 hospital visits for operations (tooth removal when I was little, wisdom teeth and to remove a screwed up bone growth on my head)

Pet peeve – pregnant women who smoke and drink, and people who don’t strap their kids in.

Quote from a movie – “you have 10 seconds to change your mind.
Ten hippopotamus…
…nine hippopotamus…
…five hippopotamus…
…four hippopotamus…
…three, two, one!” From Michael. I laughed for days after I watched that movie.

Righty or lefty – Righty

Siblings – A younger brother who is smart, quirky and fabulous, he’s studying film and will one day be a household name and a step sister who is super intelligent. She’s 10 and has read all the Harry Potter books and can play the piano and read music.

Time you wake up – 12, 3, 5, 7. Usually finally give up at 7 and get up. The joys of motherhood

Underwear – at the moment, feeding bras are all I wear. 

Vegetables you dislike – mushrooms. Don’t mind the flavour but hate the texture

What makes you run late – lily usually decides as I’m about to leave to either be hungry, puke or poo

X-rays – teeth for braces, body after a boat accident, lungs for Australian visa

Yummy food you make – I’m not a bad cook. Roast veg lasagne, pasta puttanesca, bean curry.

Zoo favourite animal –  um… Giraffe and leopard


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