Day 05 -> Something you hope to do in your life


Anyone who knows me, or anyone who reads this blog or follows my twitter stream, knows I’m a total Harry Potter addict. I know, it’s totally geeky and totally ridiculous but I can’t help it! The way I see it there are worse addictions one can have. Recently my dad, step mother, brother and sister all went to th Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. I’ve been wanting to go, dreaming of going, since it opened. I have to admit I cried a little bit when my dad was sending me photos on BBM of the castle and Hogsmead and all the awesome things.

You know you’re addicted to Harry Potter when….

So something I hope to do, HAVE TO DO, is go there. I have to go! I’ve always wanted to go back to Disney land and Disney world and I hope to do that to one day, but Harry Potter world is top of the list. Shaun is not interested in the slightest. He rolls his eyes and is non committal when I talk about it. To him a holiday is not a holiday unless it involves surfing. Usually I’d be all for that, I love nothing more than a good tropical holiday, but one day, I will get my way and I will see Hogwarts.



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