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Last night the hash tag #dear6yearoldself was trending. It was so fun think of what I’d tell my six year old self if I could. But I have things to tell myself at other ages too, so here they are:

Dear 6 year old self:
Teenage mutant ninja turtles are turtles that live in a sewer, so no, you will not be marrying one of them.
Play barbies for as long as you want, even if your cousin says she’s to old to play them with you. She’ll feel bad for telling you that one day.
Enjoy the imaginary world that you so often play in. You’ll grow out of it and forget how to get back there
Stop trying to ditch your brother, he’s actually really cool and needs his big sister
Be nice to everyone
Stop worrying about getting your hands dirty and have fun in the sand!
your parents aren’t perfect. Get it into your head now so you won’t be disappointed later on.
don’t be such a baby and go on the scary roller coaster at Disney Land! Who knows when you’ll get another opportunity

Dear 12 year old self:
Those platform shoes make you look like a clown
Stop messing around with your hair, just enjoy the curls!
Start writing now, and don’t tear the sad parts out of your journals and throw them away. You’ll learn from it one day.
Stop being so shy, people will like you if you give them a chance

Dear 16 year old self:
Stop trying to protect everyone. They can take care of themselves
Don’t dig, you don’t want to know what you’ll find. Let it be.
Ditch the boyfriend and have fun! He’s cheating on you anyway.
Don’t trust that psychologist your mom forces you to see. She makes you feel a lot worse and tells your mom everything you say.
Stop letting other people tell you what you should weigh. You are gorgeous!
Its ok to disappoint and anger your parents. They will love you anyway. Have fun and be naughty. You’ll regret being the little angel that was scared to get into trouble.

Dear 18 year old self:
Trust your heart and study hairdressing. You’ll regret it years later when its to late.
Don’t drink that last tequila before letting Shaun drive you home. You puke in his car and make a fool of yourself. Don’t worry though, he still kisses you goodnight.
Thank your lucky stars you always carry gum in your handbag!


Happiness is…


Bailey Shneider starts her Mondays off with a happiness is post, and I thought that’s a great way to start the week, so I’m stealing her idea!

Happiness is:
1. Long days on the beach with great friends & my little family
2. The kindness of strangers, for pulling us out of the beach sand when we got stuck.
3. Spooning with my hubby and baby
4. Homemade meatballs
5. Sunkissed shoulders
6. Finishing a book & starting another!
7. Twitter friends giving birth to healthy baby boys
8. Rolling baby who gets stuck on her tummy and yells
9. Freshly baked muffins
10. An early morning I love you message to wake up to from my hubby.

What are you happy about this week?


Day 15 -> Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it


When we had just moved to England Shaun got a job offer to work on a jack up platform off the coast of Belgium. He would be safety coordinator and they would be erecting wind turbines. 70 nortical miles off the coast of Belgium. In the middle of the sea. 4 weeks away and 1 week home. When he got the offer neither of us were working and we were steadily running out of money so we were thrilled. I obviously didn’t think it through. We set about packing for him and getting everything organised for him to leave. The morning he left I dropped him off at the train station and sobbed for three days. I was an absolute mess. I don’t know what I was thinking sending him into the middle of the sea, out of cell phone range and with sketchy internet at best. I’d sometimes go days without talking to him and when I did finally get hold of him on skype the signal was so bad we would have 30 seconds of conversation before being cut off. That’s if we managed an actual call at all, usually it was just chat. I tried to stay strong, alone in freezing England with no job & my husband unreachable. My uncle and aunt looked after me and kept me sane but I was such a bore to be around. After 5 weeks we gave up. We were both absolutely miserable and decided that no amount of money was worth it. He packed up and came home!
I know I can’t live without him because I’ve tried and failed. I know that I can handle anything life throws at me as long as I have Shaun next to me to deal with it. We’ve started from scratch four times now, landing in places where we knew hardly anybody except eachother and we’ve made it work. I love him so much and I’m so so blessed to have found him and snapped him up before anyone else could!

Day 14 -> A hero that has let you down. (letter)


I could write a letter to a hero who has let me down. its happened, sure. But in the spirit of positivity and being a better person for 2012 I’m not going to. You see, it wouldn’t help. That’s the problem with having heroes, they’re human too. And the funny thing about humans is that, they make mistakes, and sometimes let those who count on them down. So by writing a letter to tell said hero that I’ve been disappointed or let down by their behaviour or actions, won’t help at all. They know already. And I forgive them. So I’m not doing this post, instead in just going to tell my husband, my mom, my dad and my brother that they are my heroes for being there for me everyday no matter what and I love them all madly.

Day 13 -> A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days.


I’m not really a music when I’m miserable kinda person. I’m more a cake when I’m miserable, or chocolate, or bread or well… Food to be honest. But, I do have songs that tie me to times. Like Mr Jones by Counting crows is my song for my best friend, because we danced like crazy people to that song every night on matric holiday. In fact I have quite a few Jenny songs that take me back to tanning topless on the verandah, living on tuna and canned tomato (and tequila), partying until 6am, sleeping till 2 and going out again. She is the most wonderful friend, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You want Jen as your best friend, trust me on this. You don’t get better.

I’ve also got songs that tie me to emotional times and that I simply cannot listen to. On of these is Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder. This is a bit irrational because the song that was playing on the night was Isn’t she lovely, but for some reason I tie it to Happy Birthday. My 16th birthday, when everyone knew my parents marriage was falling apart but no one had spoken it aloud yet.

The whole prime circle CD reminds me of falling in love with my husband, while driving along the windy roads of the south coast, sand in the seats and surf boards poking us in the head. Long days on the beach and nights spent dancing, drinking and…other stuff.

Finally Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. This was my dance with my dad at my wedding and my 21st. One of my best memories is blasting it out in his car and singing at the top of our lungs to it, dancing, air guitar everything! And we did the same thing for our wedding! No quiet waltz for us! We jumped around in all our finery and screamed out the lyrics (which we know off by heart of course). It was amazing. I love you dad.

Day 12 -> Something you never get compliments on.


You know, I never ever get complimented on my tidy clean house.
Probably because its never tidy, or clean. And because I’m the messiest person in the world.
No matter how hard I try, I can’t change it. I walk into a room and somehow, without doing a single thing, I manage to mess it up. My mother and mother in law have tried to change it, Shauns given up. Every week when the maid leaves and the house is tidy, I say, this week its going to stay this tidy! And by the time Shaun comes home its a mess again.

I accept it about myself, we’re all allowed some flaws 🙂

Look Whose Talking, Lily style


4am: *open eyes* why’s daddy sleeping at the bottom of the bed? And why’s mom sleeping half off the bed? *stretch* there’s loads of space guys this bed is huge?! Wait, where’s my dummy? Dummy mom! Dummy! Waaaaa *close eyes*

6am: what’s that raspy feeling on my cheek? *open eye* oh hi dad. Bye dad. Love you too. Stop kissing me dad. Ok that’s enough now. Just go dad stop kissing me! *close eye*

6.30am *open eyes* hmm wonder what we’ll do today, hi mommy. Mom I was thinking maybe we should….*close eyes*

7am. Morning I’m awake! Hi mommy stop kissing me mom. Yes I slept nicely thanks. I dreamt of butterflies and swimming and…ooh hands! Yum. Ok snuggle time. Hee hee hee you’re so funny mom. No. Wait. I’m STArVING! No what are you doing? Don’t change my nappy now! What are you thinking? I’m starving! Waaaaaaa

7.30 to 8.30am: bouncy chair bouncy chair bouncy chair! Rattle! Spot the dog! Mommy! Stop kissing my toes mommy. Yawn. Yes I think you’re right, time to sleep. Snuggle blanket. Wait. Dummy mom! Dummy! *close eyes*

More of the same until 4.30pm

4.30pm: that’s a new voice? What is that? Ah! Daddy! Daddydaddydaddydaddy! Hee hee hee you’re so silly daddy. Stop kissing me daddy! Yes we had a nice day thanks we… Oooh hands! Yum.

5pm: waaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

5.30pm: I don’t know why mom and dad look so frazzled. They’re not the ones who have been crying to walk for the last half an hour. Can we PLEASE get going already. Put the carrier on daddy. Stop kissing me mom we’re meant to be walking. No mom not that stupid hat mom! Its not that windy. Ugh. Ohhh hands. Yum. Hi bird hi tree hi doggy. Don’t shout at the doggy dad, he’s just saying hello. Stop kissing me dad.

6pm: bath time yaaaay! Hurry up mom get my clothes off! Stop kissing me mom its bath time! Wonder if I can splash dad in the face tonight? Nope you’re not washing my neck. No forget it. No ways. Oooh is that a butterfly? Aw man she gets my neck every night when I look at that butterfly. Must remember not to look!!!! Wait. Hold on. Yup I’m over it. No no no why are you putting that cold cream on me? I’m starving here? I’m going to lose it…. Oooh butterfly. No I’m still starving waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Shew. *close eyes*