Look Whose Talking, Lily style


4am: *open eyes* why’s daddy sleeping at the bottom of the bed? And why’s mom sleeping half off the bed? *stretch* there’s loads of space guys this bed is huge?! Wait, where’s my dummy? Dummy mom! Dummy! Waaaaa *close eyes*

6am: what’s that raspy feeling on my cheek? *open eye* oh hi dad. Bye dad. Love you too. Stop kissing me dad. Ok that’s enough now. Just go dad stop kissing me! *close eye*

6.30am *open eyes* hmm wonder what we’ll do today, hi mommy. Mom I was thinking maybe we should….*close eyes*

7am. Morning I’m awake! Hi mommy stop kissing me mom. Yes I slept nicely thanks. I dreamt of butterflies and swimming and…ooh hands! Yum. Ok snuggle time. Hee hee hee you’re so funny mom. No. Wait. I’m STArVING! No what are you doing? Don’t change my nappy now! What are you thinking? I’m starving! Waaaaaaa

7.30 to 8.30am: bouncy chair bouncy chair bouncy chair! Rattle! Spot the dog! Mommy! Stop kissing my toes mommy. Yawn. Yes I think you’re right, time to sleep. Snuggle blanket. Wait. Dummy mom! Dummy! *close eyes*

More of the same until 4.30pm

4.30pm: that’s a new voice? What is that? Ah! Daddy! Daddydaddydaddydaddy! Hee hee hee you’re so silly daddy. Stop kissing me daddy! Yes we had a nice day thanks we… Oooh hands! Yum.

5pm: waaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

5.30pm: I don’t know why mom and dad look so frazzled. They’re not the ones who have been crying to walk for the last half an hour. Can we PLEASE get going already. Put the carrier on daddy. Stop kissing me mom we’re meant to be walking. No mom not that stupid hat mom! Its not that windy. Ugh. Ohhh hands. Yum. Hi bird hi tree hi doggy. Don’t shout at the doggy dad, he’s just saying hello. Stop kissing me dad.

6pm: bath time yaaaay! Hurry up mom get my clothes off! Stop kissing me mom its bath time! Wonder if I can splash dad in the face tonight? Nope you’re not washing my neck. No forget it. No ways. Oooh is that a butterfly? Aw man she gets my neck every night when I look at that butterfly. Must remember not to look!!!! Wait. Hold on. Yup I’m over it. No no no why are you putting that cold cream on me? I’m starving here? I’m going to lose it…. Oooh butterfly. No I’m still starving waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Shew. *close eyes*


About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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  1. I absolutely love this. I often think that my 8 month old is thinking ‘Please stop kissing me now’. And that neck washing thing is so funny.

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