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Moving Madness


I think I’m mentioned before that Shaun and I are the most ridiculously slapgat unorganised people. We are the people who arrive in Bali and realize as we’re getting off the plane that we have to pay an entrance visa. We’re also the people that don’t buy foreign currency before they leave for Bali. We are those dumasses who realize that they forgot to unlock the credit card for use in a foreign country… As they’re trying to pay for a hire car from the airport. Note these two also forgot to buy pounds before and organise a place to stay. We are ridiculously bad at these things. Its my fault for having a ‘we’ll just wing it attitude’ and Shauns fault for expecting me to handle it. So it doesn’t get done. I realize 15000 ks late that the light on my dash means my car needs a service. I realize after I get a blow out on the highway half way between Durban and Richards Bay that I don’t have airtime and don’t know how to change a tyre.

*please note this all happened BEFORE BABY! Although we’re still slapgat I’m much more responsible on the road etc now that I have a precious parcel with me all the time!

So yesterdays move was just more proof of how ridiculous the Richards are. First we left packing up so late. We both woke up at 6 on Friday morning and looked at the full cupboards, made beds, plugged in everything and realized just how far behind we were! We rushed around and threw things into boxes and waited for the van to get there. The van arrived at 9 and we were (almost) ready for it. Biddulphs moved us last time and this time and they were fantastic, I’d recommend them to anyone. At 12 the truck left for Durban and we popped past Shauns work to say goodbye, they had organised snacks and a bit of a party for him and said lovely things about him. Only trouble was our truck was on route and we were stuck making small talk! Eventually we got going and as we were leaving we both realized neither of us had the faintest idea where our new house was. We knew we were going to Durban and had an address but that was it. We had only been to the address once and had followed the agent that time. My Garmin is flat and the charger is AWOL so we decide to just wing it. I’m terrified of driving in Durban because I don’t know the area at all! Worked out ok though, Shaun was ahead of me and met the truck (he drives faster than I do) and I drove around Durban looking for the stadium knowing we live somewhere near it! Haha. Fun and games.
The flat is very nice, kitchen is crap and no space for my dishwasher which is a nightmare but will try make a plan. I think we’ll be happy here. Lily has a cold and it is freezing so we hibernating for the rest of the weekend. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!
Lots of love




Shaun and I have moved a lot in the last five years, but this move is really the hardest for me. I haven’t felt like the last few places have been home, and Richards Bay and this house, really do feel that way. We have made wonderful friends, that we will keep for life, and I have a wonderful support system of fellow moms, my midwife and doctors. I sit on the management committee for the Richards Bay Family Centre and have met amazing kind hearted people through it. Shaun has gotten ingrained into the surfing community and sits of the surfing associations management board, we have a Wednesday supper/whiskey club where we get to try new dishes and the boys get to drink whisky at a different house each week. We have friends who have a little girl who is one, who we walk with every afternoon and the girls eye eachother out. Its a wonderful life and I’m so sad to be leaving. The thing is, we need to for our family.
When we moved to Richards Bay, we didn’t know a soul and neither of us had ever been here. To be honest I didn’t even know where it was. We had arrived back from England… Ok wait I’m going to fill you in quickly on our moves:
Shaun and I met on the South Coast, he had just gotten back from England where he had lived for two years. I had just started university in Jhb where I had lived my whole life. Shaun decided to move to Rustenburg to work for his mom and we’d travel through on weekend to see eachother. While he lived in Rustenburg he moved from his moms place, then a tiny townhouse in Arendskloof, then to a house.
When I finished my degree I moved up to Rustenburg to be with him and plan our wedding. I moved into the house with him but soon we discovered it didn’t suit us. My MIL was in the process of buying a game farm that had two houses on it, that were standing empty.
So we moved into this little house on a huge game farm 20mins out of town. I am not a farm girl. No I’m a city girl. So I hated it. I hated hearing jackals screaming at night, being chased by cows, dodging snakes (I had to deal with 3 in my tiny garden in the 6 months we lived there), scorpions in the bath, bats in the roof, mice in the garage. The one night we had a fire that we could see coming closer and closer, I got up every hour to see how close it was (we had decided if it got below a certain point we’d leave) I had piled all my valuables on the dining room table in case we needed to make a quick exit (Important docs, laptop, GHD) and locked the dogs inside. I was terrified. Shaun sat on the couch and watched tv. I nearly had a panic attack. Needless to say, the fire stayed away and we didn’t need to bail out. Another night my FIL called and said the neighbours had phoned and said they saw people walking though our farm and they suspect poachers. Will we go look???? Seriously! Shaun and I on the huge farm and freaking poachers!!! So I freaked out and started screaming and he got in the car to go look. Well I wasn’t going to let him out of my sight (what if he got shot or something and I was waiting at home?) So I drove his bakki and phoned his mom (all the while crying hysterically) so that she could hear if something bad happened because they sent us to see. Haha I think of it now and I’m such a freaking drama queen. I was screaming my head off and Shaun was yelling at me to shut up because he wanted to catch the poachers. Which was the last thing I wanted to do! So I opened the window and started screaming into the night ‘we’re here’ so that they’d hear us and disappear. Needless to say, again, we didn’t catch any poachers (thank goodness) and we (read I) decided we (read I) couldn’t live there anymore.
So we moved back to town to a gorgeous townhouse. We loved it there and lived there for 6 months before we packed up our lives and moved to Australia.
As soon as I got off the plane in Perth I knew it wasn’t home. Its lovely and we had a ball but I wanted to leave, we stayed for a month and came home.
After being in SA for a week we headed off to England. We arrived with no money, no cell phones and no where to go. Unprepared much? I knew my uncle lived somewhere but had no idea where all I had was an address. My dad had given us some pounds before we left so after a lot of fighting (shauns a planner and was very upset that things weren’t going to plan, I’m not I knew we’d figure something out) we called a taxi and gave him my uncles address. Our plan was to get to his house and use his phone and internet to find somewhere to live. We ended up sleeping on his couch for a month. Haha I have wonderful family.
From there we moved into a two bedroom flat that we planned on staying in for a year but after 6 months I had a family emergency and we decided we needed to be with our families so we came home.
We moved between the Vaal, Jhb, Rustenburg and the South coast for the next 4 months and eventually Shaun got a call asking him to come to Richards Bay. We drove down for a day, found a place and moved the following week. We lived in a two bedroom place for 6 months then fell pregnant so moved to a three bedroom place for 8 months and then moved here. We’ll have been here for 5 months end of March.

So you see, we’re used to moving and starting from scratch. But none of those places have been home as much as Richards Bay. When we moved here everyone sneered that it was a dorpie, backwards, small town. It is, but its really lovely as well. The people are friendly and welcoming! But what I have learnt is, where ever you go will be awesome, if you put the effort into it. If you go out of your way to get involved, make friends and meet people. I’m hoping Durban will be as welcoming to use as the Bay has been, but I know if I have my Shaun at my side, it will all be ok.

Hi, I’m Shannon and I’m the clumsiest person in the world


…Closely followed by my husband.

Shaun and I aren’t allowed to drink out of glass glasses anymore. We’re only allowed to use plastic ones. Why? Because we’ve broken almost every single one of our glasses. I think we have four drinking glasses left. We’re both to scared to touch them, in case that number drops suddenly. And it will. Because we are the two clumsiest people on Earth.

This morning I knocked the glass that holds the toothbrushes, out of its holder and it smashed on the floor, with my elbow. This is after I dropped the milk and sloshed coffee all over the floor, but before I dropped the spoon from Lilys food, splattering both of us with cereal.

Last night as we were walking out of our friends place after supper club I saw Shaun pick up a 6 pack of beers. I thought ‘I’m so walking far away from him, because I don’t want those to land up on my toes’ two minutes later? Crash.

A while back he was trying to get a towel out of the hall cupboard, I had just mixed up my hair conditioner (I use a few drops of gentian violet in it so my blonde doesn’t go brassy) and the gention violet was in the hall cupboard. He knocked the whole bottle onto the floor. Do you know how that stuff stains?

If there is a hole I’ll fall into it. If there is something to kick, I’ll kick it. I drop my iPod every single day. And my phone.

Luckily not the baby!




I love to sleep. Seriously. Its like my all time favourite thing to do. My perfect holiday would be one where I can go to bed early, get up late, have an afternoon nap and perhaps even a snooze on the beach squeezed in there somewhere. I can sleep all day and all night with no problem. I am also the lightest sleeper on the planet and have never slept through in my life. I sleep in one position, wake up and roll over and go back to sleep. That said I sleep very easily and it takes me about 3.5 seconds to fall asleep. So God ironically blessed me with a baby who doesn’t sleep. Well, one that sleeps very badly anyway. She tosses and turns and wakes every hour and a half. She wakes up with the teeny tiniest noise and won’t go back to sleep afterwards. She will only go to sleep latched or in the car or her pram and insists on taking up the whole bed when she finally does sleep. I can’t (won’t) sleep train her, its just not something I want to do. I believe she’s waking for a reason and needs her mommy to help her go back to sleep. Yes I know I’m going to regret those words but I also know that its the right decision and its my decision and one I’m sticking to. The point is that, even though I miss my sweet sweet sleep so much, I still find myself awake when I should be sleeping! My husband will take Lily so I can get an hours snooze and I’ll lie in bed tweeting, blogging, reading or watching Glee. What the hell is wrong with me! I think I’ve gotten so used to not sleeping that when I’m able to I don’t know what to do with myself! But its also so nice to have half an hour to myself to do those things that I (gasp) feel like I’m wasting it by sleeping!
Crazy right???



Stole this one from Lauren

I am…dying for a chocolate

I know…that Lily will crawl any day

I want…to sleep for four hours

I wish…I was fitting into all my pre-pregnancy clothes

I fear…going to work and leaving Lily

I feel…like I’m figuring out this mom thing

I smell…poo….oh dear…

I hear….Lily chatting to her toys

I wonder…if I can bear to straighten my hair before we go out tonight

I believe…in miracles

I sing…christmas carols to Lily

I cried last…when I watched Kurt and his dad chatting on Glee S02

I can usually be found…in the kitchen at parties.

I am happy…with a good book

Monday (on a Wednesday) MeMe


Lauren and Corinne both tagged me in their Monday memes ages ago and I haven’t gotten chance to respond. So now that I have ten minutes (even though its Wednesday not Monday) I thought Id answer both!  So instead of 11 questions Ill be answering 22. I think everyone has been tagged in this one so I’m not sure who I’ll pass it onto but will think of that while I answer the questions

This is what you have to do:

The rules

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions given
  • Set 11 new questions
  • Tag 11 people

1. Whose wardrobe would you like to have a wander through?

Shew, I think possibly Kim Kardashian because she usually dresses well (even if she is a spotlight grabbing crazy person).

2. Are your kitchen cupboards organised?

Um, no. Nothing in my house is organised.

3. You have a tank full of petrol and a day to yourself – where do you go?

At the moment, I would trade the petrol for the money and use the money to pay for a nanny to look after Lily for the night and a hotel room for me and Shaun to…sleep. All I want to do is sleep.

4. What would you cook for dinner tonight if all the ingredients were in your fridge when you go home?

Macaroni and Cheese. Comfort food!

5. What are you most grateful for today?

Lily eating four teaspoons of peaches for lunch! Shes still not a big fan of solid food and this has made me so happy!

6. What can’t you forgive?


7. Would you consider being part of a reality TV show?

No, Im not interesting enough!

8. Favourite pizza topping?

Ham and pineapple, bacon, sundried tomatoes

9. 3 of your favourite things?

My GHD, My iPod, my Kindle

10. Are you brave?

Um, No not really but I have realized that I can be brave if I have to be! When I had my lasik surgery I was terrified, but I sucked it up and didnt cry once. To this day its still the scariest thing I’ve ever done

11. Can you kill a spider?

I can kill a little spider, but if its big then I’ll run (usually in tears) away and take all my clothes off and stand on the bed until someone saves me


1. you can pick one chocolate from the box. What do you hope is inside?

Strawberry cream or caramel
2.What creeps you out?
chalk boards, teeth grinding and anything shedding skin bleaugh!
3. Are you an early bird or night owl?
At the moment I’m both but much prefer to be an early bird.
4. If you were going to redecorate your home, what would you change?
we move so often I cant really answer that but I’ve always wanted a reading nook, in a sunny spot with a comfy chair and bookshelves on the walls.
5. What books do you enjoy reading?
I like crime mysteries, books that make you think…and Harry Potter 🙂
6. What’s your favorite season?
spring, no summer, no maybe spring, wait maybe winter…oh wait but autumn is nice too. Yup, all four.
7. Would you have another child if money wasn’t an option?
yup, one day!
8.What would you do if you didn’t have to work?
Be a full time mommy!
9.Savory or sour?
10.Are you addicted to any form of social media?
Yup, I adore twitter!
11.Does your partner think that you’re addicted to any form of social media?
Yup, he thinks I’m totally addicted to twitter, and he’s right!


My questions for whoever feels like answering them!

1. Whats the first thing you do when you get up in the morning

2. What is your favorite TV show

3.  Do you have any pets?

4. How did you meet your significant other

5.  whats your ideal way to spend a friday night?

6. Did you get your drivers license your first try?

7. best movie of all time?

8.  what colour is your bedroom?

9. Did you study after school? if so what?

10. Ever been overseas? where?

11. favorite place in the whole world?

Day 18 -> Your views on gay marriage.


I honestly have no objection to gay marriage, who the hell am I to tell two people who are in love that they can’t get married? That’s absurd. I can’t understand people who do have a problem with it either, I’m always open to other people opinions and its fine to have an opinion but don’t let it impact on others negatively, and by opposing gay marriage you are affecting peoples lives negatively, for no reason at all. It won’t make any difference in your life if someone is married to the same or different gender, race or religion. Why should you have a say?

Day 16 -> Someone or something you definitely could live without.


I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian. Once, when we were in school Russell (my brother) and I had a bet on who could last the longest without meat. That night we had hamburgers and I caved. He lasted ages but also eventually gave into the allure of biltong. Since then I’ve given up meat a good few times (with longer lasting results). Shaun isn’t a big meat eater and we have one meat free day a week and every few months we have a meat free week. I could live without meat, very easily. But I’d miss a good hamburger, or a proper braai. I very rarely eat red meat but I know if I had to say I give it up, I’d miss it, for a while anyway. I think I could live without it though, and one day maybe I’ll give it up for good!

catch up


I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I’ve got about 3 posts that I’ve started but not finished, I’ve just not had the time! So I’ll try get those all out today but in the mean time here’s a quick catch up!

Lily has started solids again, after we stopped for a month. She was so not interested and it was stressing me out big time so I decided to stop (after sitting in the storks nest with the midwife, crying my heart out to her) I also decided to wean Lily because I was in such a bad place and thought that was what I needed. Thankfully we went away for the weekend and I took rescue constantly and by Monday I felt like a whole new person. So I decided NOT to wean her, which is really best for her. So now at 6 months we tackling solids again with a new attitude of ‘if you don’t want it fine’ and we’re all less stressed.
She’s loving walking around in her walking ring and is very very close to crawling. She goes on all fours and rocks and moves her knees forward but just hasn’t figured out the coordination yet. Her favourite toys at the moment are: the tv remote, my blackberry, my hair, her teething book & her fluffy Shaun the Sheep. She loves rooibos tea and water and is only eating cereal and pears so far.
She isn’t a great fan of sleeping and for the last two or three weeks has been waking up every hour and a half which isn’t easy but we coping. On weekend shaun helps as much as he can but she wants boob which he can’t give her. Although I know he would if he could.

Our lives have been uprooted again. I know, its insane how much we move. We’ve been in Richards Bay for not even two years and this is our fourth move. We moving to Durban this time though, where we’ve wanted to be for ages. Shaun got a fantastic job that he really can’t turn down. Learning to live in a big city in a flat will be a challenge but that’s what we do! We learn to adapt and change. Its all part of our adventure.

That’s all for now, going to try finish all my other posts today! Lots to do!
Lots of love