Hi, I’m Shannon and I’m the clumsiest person in the world


…Closely followed by my husband.

Shaun and I aren’t allowed to drink out of glass glasses anymore. We’re only allowed to use plastic ones. Why? Because we’ve broken almost every single one of our glasses. I think we have four drinking glasses left. We’re both to scared to touch them, in case that number drops suddenly. And it will. Because we are the two clumsiest people on Earth.

This morning I knocked the glass that holds the toothbrushes, out of its holder and it smashed on the floor, with my elbow. This is after I dropped the milk and sloshed coffee all over the floor, but before I dropped the spoon from Lilys food, splattering both of us with cereal.

Last night as we were walking out of our friends place after supper club I saw Shaun pick up a 6 pack of beers. I thought ‘I’m so walking far away from him, because I don’t want those to land up on my toes’ two minutes later? Crash.

A while back he was trying to get a towel out of the hall cupboard, I had just mixed up my hair conditioner (I use a few drops of gentian violet in it so my blonde doesn’t go brassy) and the gention violet was in the hall cupboard. He knocked the whole bottle onto the floor. Do you know how that stuff stains?

If there is a hole I’ll fall into it. If there is something to kick, I’ll kick it. I drop my iPod every single day. And my phone.

Luckily not the baby!



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