Shaun and I have moved a lot in the last five years, but this move is really the hardest for me. I haven’t felt like the last few places have been home, and Richards Bay and this house, really do feel that way. We have made wonderful friends, that we will keep for life, and I have a wonderful support system of fellow moms, my midwife and doctors. I sit on the management committee for the Richards Bay Family Centre and have met amazing kind hearted people through it. Shaun has gotten ingrained into the surfing community and sits of the surfing associations management board, we have a Wednesday supper/whiskey club where we get to try new dishes and the boys get to drink whisky at a different house each week. We have friends who have a little girl who is one, who we walk with every afternoon and the girls eye eachother out. Its a wonderful life and I’m so sad to be leaving. The thing is, we need to for our family.
When we moved to Richards Bay, we didn’t know a soul and neither of us had ever been here. To be honest I didn’t even know where it was. We had arrived back from England… Ok wait I’m going to fill you in quickly on our moves:
Shaun and I met on the South Coast, he had just gotten back from England where he had lived for two years. I had just started university in Jhb where I had lived my whole life. Shaun decided to move to Rustenburg to work for his mom and we’d travel through on weekend to see eachother. While he lived in Rustenburg he moved from his moms place, then a tiny townhouse in Arendskloof, then to a house.
When I finished my degree I moved up to Rustenburg to be with him and plan our wedding. I moved into the house with him but soon we discovered it didn’t suit us. My MIL was in the process of buying a game farm that had two houses on it, that were standing empty.
So we moved into this little house on a huge game farm 20mins out of town. I am not a farm girl. No I’m a city girl. So I hated it. I hated hearing jackals screaming at night, being chased by cows, dodging snakes (I had to deal with 3 in my tiny garden in the 6 months we lived there), scorpions in the bath, bats in the roof, mice in the garage. The one night we had a fire that we could see coming closer and closer, I got up every hour to see how close it was (we had decided if it got below a certain point we’d leave) I had piled all my valuables on the dining room table in case we needed to make a quick exit (Important docs, laptop, GHD) and locked the dogs inside. I was terrified. Shaun sat on the couch and watched tv. I nearly had a panic attack. Needless to say, the fire stayed away and we didn’t need to bail out. Another night my FIL called and said the neighbours had phoned and said they saw people walking though our farm and they suspect poachers. Will we go look???? Seriously! Shaun and I on the huge farm and freaking poachers!!! So I freaked out and started screaming and he got in the car to go look. Well I wasn’t going to let him out of my sight (what if he got shot or something and I was waiting at home?) So I drove his bakki and phoned his mom (all the while crying hysterically) so that she could hear if something bad happened because they sent us to see. Haha I think of it now and I’m such a freaking drama queen. I was screaming my head off and Shaun was yelling at me to shut up because he wanted to catch the poachers. Which was the last thing I wanted to do! So I opened the window and started screaming into the night ‘we’re here’ so that they’d hear us and disappear. Needless to say, again, we didn’t catch any poachers (thank goodness) and we (read I) decided we (read I) couldn’t live there anymore.
So we moved back to town to a gorgeous townhouse. We loved it there and lived there for 6 months before we packed up our lives and moved to Australia.
As soon as I got off the plane in Perth I knew it wasn’t home. Its lovely and we had a ball but I wanted to leave, we stayed for a month and came home.
After being in SA for a week we headed off to England. We arrived with no money, no cell phones and no where to go. Unprepared much? I knew my uncle lived somewhere but had no idea where all I had was an address. My dad had given us some pounds before we left so after a lot of fighting (shauns a planner and was very upset that things weren’t going to plan, I’m not I knew we’d figure something out) we called a taxi and gave him my uncles address. Our plan was to get to his house and use his phone and internet to find somewhere to live. We ended up sleeping on his couch for a month. Haha I have wonderful family.
From there we moved into a two bedroom flat that we planned on staying in for a year but after 6 months I had a family emergency and we decided we needed to be with our families so we came home.
We moved between the Vaal, Jhb, Rustenburg and the South coast for the next 4 months and eventually Shaun got a call asking him to come to Richards Bay. We drove down for a day, found a place and moved the following week. We lived in a two bedroom place for 6 months then fell pregnant so moved to a three bedroom place for 8 months and then moved here. We’ll have been here for 5 months end of March.

So you see, we’re used to moving and starting from scratch. But none of those places have been home as much as Richards Bay. When we moved here everyone sneered that it was a dorpie, backwards, small town. It is, but its really lovely as well. The people are friendly and welcoming! But what I have learnt is, where ever you go will be awesome, if you put the effort into it. If you go out of your way to get involved, make friends and meet people. I’m hoping Durban will be as welcoming to use as the Bay has been, but I know if I have my Shaun at my side, it will all be ok.


About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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  1. Goodluck to you! I could never do so much moving – though I cant leave Rustenburg fast enough – just waiting for that day to come. Sadly the only day that is coming fast is wanting to move to a different house (in RTB)

    I can imagine how hard giving up the Bay must be – I’m still not over leaving Edenvale. That’s where all my dreams lie.

  2. Wowee! I thought we moved alot! I’m from Durban, I love it. It’s like being in the city, but laid back enough to almost be in a dorpie – if that makes sense! We are in JHB now and I MISS Durbs SO MUCH. All the best with your move. xx

  3. How I will miss you Shaz and that gorgeouse little princess of yours. Richards Bay wont be the same knowing that you are not up the road anymore. But you will love Durbs, closer to family:) Good luck my friend and we will keep in touch!!!!!

  4. I’m sorry but I can’t stop giggling at the poacher story.
    Gosh, I am not good with moving. We moved ONCE only and I nearly lost it and said NEVER AGAIN!
    Good luck with your move and your new life. I think that deep down you know that it will all work out and that you guys will integrate into your new community once again.

  5. best of luck with the big durban move!
    and PS i am SO glad i’m not the only person who has moved around so much! i’ve been in this house for almost 2 years and it’s the longest i’ve lived anywhere since i was born!

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