Birthday Weekend


Shaun turned the big thirty on Thursday, and although he’s not big on birthdays, I am! I love birthdays. I woke up at midnight (to be honest I was woken up at midnight) with a feeling of excitement in my tummy. I always get that on birthdays, even when its not mine! I just love them! I think its my dads fault, he loves them to and always makes a huge deal out of it. Especially making you wait in suspense for presents! It used to drive us all mad! He’d wrap a tiny box (you know, the best kind) up in a HUGE box, or in a million layers of paper,or he would devise a treasure hunt that would last all day. Haha. My birthdays always lasted two days because although I was born on the 20th, my dad always thinks its the 21st. My mom eventually dug my birth certificate out just to prove the date! These days, unfortunately, we’ve all grown up and so things are more calm but not nearly as much fun.

Shaun insisted I not spend any money until we get over all our moving costs, so I made him a CD of all ‘our’ songs and a few others, a list of 30 things I love about him, and got a gorgeous Springbok rugby baby grow for lily (on sale). His best friends came over for dinner and I made us home made bunnychow- his favourite! He loves anything that he can pile chillies on. I made balti butter chicken (using a spice packet) and it was delicious! Petria made a divine cheesecake (also Shauns favourite) and the boys drank single malt and we hung out for ages. Was really awesome.
Friday we had a chilled family night because we were both exhausted, was the first Friday night since we’ve moved in that we’ve been alone! Saturday we spent cleaning, cooking and sorting out our house. Some of our very good friends from the Bay came down on Saturday night and it was so lovely to see them. We used to do supper club/whiskey club every wednesday night and I’ve really missed them so much! Robbie came again but Petria was sick so only joined us for dessert (red velvet cake birthday cake!) I made chilli con carne and nachos for dinner, used Jamie Olivers recipe mixed in with my dads and it was so good! Everyone had seconds and Shaun loved it. Again we sat up till late, eating cake and chatting. I really missed my friends and it was so amazing to see them all. Sunday we went to Gateway so the guys could ride the Flo Rider. As they are all surfers you would think it would be easy for them, but it’s really not! It’s apparently totally different. I hate watching it because it looks so sore when they fall, the water really beats them! Us girls went for breakfast and did a bit of shopping, Lily was an absolute angel and sat in her pram most of the time. I fed her in the changing rooms which was nice and easy, there was a bench behind a screen and was perfect. I’m to shy to feed her in public so I often end up sitting in the car as I refuse to feed her in a toilet, yuck! Oh speaking of Lily, she pulled herself up to stand this weekend! She’s 7 and a half months and she’s crawling all over (mostly leopard crawling but sometimes other crawling, depends how fast she wants to get somewhere). She’s also started saying babababababa all the time and sometimes it sounds like she’s saying mamamamamama too. I know talking only counts when she says it with meaning though, but I don’t think she’s far off!
We have an exciting two weekends coming up, Jenn and Doug are coming up on Sat for the day to see Lily (and me). I haven’t seen them since Christmas so I can’t wait! Shaun has a surfing competition in the Bay though so he won’t be here. Next weekend my dad and brother are coming down! The excitement is endless! I am counting the days to seeing them!

Hope your weekend was wonderful, how do you celebrate birthdays if your family?


About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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  1. Loved this read Shaz. I remember how special you made my 18th birthday – you went all out and barely even knew me at the time. You are the birthday queen! And produced a memory I’ll never forget – THANK YOU!

  2. What you did for Shaun sounds lovely! To me birthdays are also very special days. So I also make a fuss for those I love. So lovely that your friends came over!

    Well done, Lily! Getting big so fast these babies.

  3. I cannot tell you how nice it is to read just chatty stuff when you are far from home and missing your nearest and dearest. I wish you three all the love I can muster in your new home and environment ,big word that…ENVIRONMENT, still dunno if i spell it right!

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