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I read an article in Good Housekeeping about Angel Blythe Campeys (@yesreallyangel) happiness protest. You can read the whole article here ( but basically Angel decided that she sees people protesting against things all the time, all negative and scary, so she had the bright spark plan of a happiness protest. I LOVE this idea! Her and a group of friends all stood on the side of the road, outside parliament I think, and waved signs saying things like ‘be happier’ ‘laugh more’ ‘you are perfect’ ‘joy joy joy’ and other fun, happy slogans. She said that everyone hooted and waved and left smiling.
How awesome is that?
The past few weeks we’ve dealt with that dam painting, children being raped and filmed, policemen being killed, more car accident than I can count and it goes on and on. I love the idea of holding happiness protests all over SA, but I don’t see it happening. We all have busy lives and unfortunately its often the things that make us happy that get forgotten amongst the piles of laundry, unread emails and dirty nappies! All I’m saying is, take a page out of Angels book and smile at a stranger, give a random hi-five or even a hug. It might just go a long way.
Let’s make a happiness movement, where every day we strive to make one person happy. It can be yourself, but by choosing to make a stranger happy, you’ll make yourself happy in the process- so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!
#behappier and #payitforward 🙂

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Self Talk


I’m a great believer in a good pep talk. I often say ‘I need to give myself a talking to, to pull myself right’ it sounds crazy, I know don’t worry. But it works wonders. I used to do it when I had one to many, I’d sit in the bathroom and demand that I start feeling normal again, and stop being idiotic and drunk. It usually worked for a few minutes to. Until I forgot and started acting idiotic again. Now I do it when Lily hasn’t slept for 3 days, and is demanding to be held all the time and I’m about to lose it. I give myself a stern talking to and remind myself that she’s not awake on purpose, she’s not trying to annoy me, and is obviously going through something so needs me a bit more than usual. This works pretty well, I usually have to do it every few weeks but once I pull myself right, I cope much better.

Lately I’ve had to self motivate myself about starting work. Today I caught myself mumbling while grocery shopping. Yup I know, its the madness setting in. I have to constantly reassure myself that Lily will be fine, millions of moms do it, it is what I want, it will be the best for us as a family in the long run. I’ve NEVER wanted to stay at home with her forever, I always said a year tops. And I still feel like that, I WANT to work. I want to get some sense of self back, have my own money and use my brain. Staying at home with Lily is amazing, and I’m so blessed to have been able to stay for so long, but I do feel like its time now for me to start learning again. That’s the head talking, the logical rational side. And my heart is nodding its head but my heart is also taking a plunge down into my stomach whenever I think about leaving my sweet baby girl. Then the self talk starts again to stop the tears.
And this is how I end up mumbling to myself in Checkers, much to the amusement of fellow shoppers. Rather that then a weeping mess!



I haven’t done an update post in a while, so here’s our life in time saving bullet points.
1. We’re all settled in to our new lives in Durban. Shaun is enjoying work although it is a lot of work and a lot of responsibility, he is amazing at his job and I’m so proud of him for following his dreams. He writes exams this month and is studying hard!
2. Lily and I went to Joburg on a Nanny/mommy sponsored flight. Lily was really good on the flight there and played and kept herself busy no problem. On the way back the flight was fuller, so we had a miserable girl sitting next to us, who Lily insisted in poking and chatting to. She loves people so tried very hard to get her attention. It didn’t work though and she stayed miserable. When Lily had her tea she pulled her new trick (which she figured out while we were in Jhb) and blew her lips out (you know what I mean? She went pfffft) with a mouth full of tea. Went all over this girl and me! I couldn’t stop giggling. Role model I am not! Hahaha. 10 minutes to landing and my darling child makes a big poo, which I of course can’t change so she had to wait until we landed. Which neither of us enjoyed.
3. Lily is walking along the furniture and has her two bottom teeth. She also had her first black eye from falling into the corner of my moms coffee table.
4. She looooves Russell (my brother) and he loves her. She was so cute stealing his glasses and hiding them behind her back. She’s so awesome, although a bit of a bully.
5. We finally met her cousin James (my cousins baby boy who is 7 weeks older). Lily terrified the poor child at first but eventually they became great friends.
6. I’ve been looking at schools for Lily and utterly despondent about it. Looking at one more hopefully tomorrow and if its not perfect I’ll go the nanny route. I need to have plans in place for if a job comes about.
7. I’ve given up feeding Lily pureed food as she hates it. She now has what we have. Her fave is still avo and banana but is also loving yogurt, toast, chicken, fish and biltong. She’s not mad about veg at all but I’m trying my best to get her to eat it.
8. I’m planning on breastfeeding until Lily is 18. Its seriously the easiest diet I’ve ever been on. Hahaha.
9. She still sleeps with us, which really seems to upset everyone I tell. We are both happy with the arrangement and she is to so we won’t be changing it in a hurry.
10. I feel like I need 10 points but can’t think of anything I haven’t told you. Have another few posts brewing but just need to find the time to write them!
Bye for now!