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Feb Blog Challenge


I’m going to try my best to do this for Feb, now to find time and inspiration! Thanks Cupcake Mummy!




2012 in hindsight


This year was a goody, here’s our year in bullets.


*we moved to Durban, a city that I felt was home almost immediately. I’ve lived in a lot of different cities lately and Durban is by far my favorite. The vibe is awesome, the sea is warm and the people are friendly.


*I have made the most amazing friends. They say that you are most like the five people you spend the most time with. Cath, Kas, Nicky, Petria and Shaun are those five. I think I’m doing pretty well! Nicki was the first friend I made in Durban and her and I spent many afternoons sitting in the sun, chatting. She’s about to have a baby and I’m so excited that I can’t think about it as I start going squeeky. Kas was the second person, we met at TopTots as our kids were the ones who wouldn’t sit still. We hit it off immediately and she has welcomed us into her family with open arms. Cath and I met ages ago, on twitter. We chatted often and then one day realized, by fluke, that we lived in the same road. Sharing cupcakes, wine and writing we are cut from the same cloth. She is a best friend by fluke and I’m so lucky we found each other! I’ve been in Durban not even a year, but the friends I’ve made will last forever.


* I came into my own as a mother. I had an ‘Aha moment’ (there is a post on that coming) and realized that I am the best mother for Lily and that I know what’s best for her. I realized that the principles of Attachment Parenting work for us, and are worth putting the work into.


* I started writing more


* I flew twice to Joburg with Lily, both times were very stressful and exhausting.


* I embraced my body and my curves. I realized that my body is perfect and works perfectly and moaning and not being happy with it is pathetic and stupid. My body is amazing, it created life and will do so again one day. It also sustains my child.


* I found a new hairdresser who is fabulous, this is a big thing as my cousin who always did my hair so well, emigrated and left me in a loop!


* I started working in my dream job, one where I learn something new everyday, I work with creative and kind people, and I do work that changes lives. I love it.


Its been a good year, a year of clarity and growth. My word for 2012 would be focus. I finally was able to focus on what was important, and see things clearly. 2013’s word will be growth. I plan to learn, get back into studying religion (I’m not religious at all but love to study religion), study IT and understand my job 100%, learn to eat cleaner and live cleaner. Look after my body, especially my skin.


Happy New Year blog land, I hope it is a fabulous one!