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Day 7: fave photo of you and your best friends


This first photo is of my 3 best friends in primary school. It was taken at a Halloween party. I was a vampire apparently!


This one is at my wedding with my two best friends. These ladies will be in my life forever, even if we don’t talk to often anymore, they are ALWAYS going to be my bffs


Here’s some more…







Day 6: 10 people you would want to have dinner with and the menu


I’m going to be greedy. I want three dinners.

Firstly I want one with Johnny Depp, Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Pink, Drew Barrymore, Neil Patric Harris my brother and cousin Tyrone. We would eat burgers and drink beer (not me). We would be silly and rude and clever. I can just imagine how I would laugh and laugh and laugh.

The second one would be Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, Dan Brown, Jo Rowling, my grandma Keane and my dad. I know it’s not 10 but we would be having long conversations about serious and not serious things. These people (to me) are people who are serious and hardcore but who would be cool to chat to and get into the nitty gritty. We would eat some fabulous pasta that my dad makes for us and all sit around the kitchen table, drinking wine and eating melting ice cream out the tub.

Lastly I want my mom, Jen, Sharon, Kerry, Antoinette, Rene, Tia, Cath, Nicky and Kas. Just because. We would have some wine and some dessert and some more wine. We would discuss life, love and the best shampoos to use. We would debate foundations and parenting choices, religion and politics and laugh. We would laugh and laugh and laugh.

A brand of clothing that describes you


So my clothing style is: jeans with a usually no print tshirt and pumps. I shop at Woolies, Pick n Pay and chinese shops. I used to love surf brands but just can’t afford them now. Woolies is my fave but I have to admit I also love pick n pay, especially their pumps.

I am not super stylish or fashionable, I tend to stick with what I know looks good and is comfy. I never wear heels (1 reason is that Shaun is the same height as me, and another is that I have to carry a toddler around and I’m scared I fall). I love jeans and my fave pair is a pair I bought in the UK. I wore them so much that they’re ripped and torn and un wearable. I’m so bummed I want to go back just to buy another pair!

Day self4: my super power


My super power would definitely be flying. I can’t imagine anything better than that. I dream weekly that I can fly (I have no idea what that means). I imagine myself just swimming into the air and flying free. I don’t know what I’d do with it, I guess I’d just keep it for emergencies. Would be nice to know that, in an emergency I could just pick Lily up and fly away from danger!

Day 3: my dream home


My dream house. Well, to be honest, my dream house would be one that can move with me. Sure I would like 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a big grassy lawn and a swimming pool. Sea views and a deck. But the thought of a house with a bond scares me to death. My dream house would be one that I could carry on my back. It wouldn’t have clutter, dishes or dirty floors. It wouldn’t have clothes on the floor or toys in the warmer drawer (lilys new hiding spot). My dream house would be one that I can take with me wherever I choose to go.

Maybe I should have been a snail!

Day 2: 3 memories of your childhood


I’m going to share the speech i gave at my mom’s 50th for this one…

I remember when tv turned off at night, I remember staring at the colourful screen willing it to go away so that I could watch tv

I remember pumpkin patch

I remember walking into the lounge and finding my moms breadknife on the floor. Turning around to discover we had been robbed.

I remember stair leading up to a door, leading into a house that I DON’T remember

I remember eating cherries in the Black Forest

I remember my maltese poodle being attacked by dogs, and surviving horrific injuries

I remember lying in bed with my nan, terrified that Water Buffalos would come out of the dam and eat me.

I remember waking up to the sounds of U2 or the lawn mower

I remember a bottle of Nesquick left next to my bed every morning.

I remember not being allowed to go up the Eiffel Tower, because my mom was afraid of heights.

I remember my dad putting his arm around a tiny chinese lady, thinking it was me.

I remember an American Pen Pal who played baseball.

I remember putting on Pjs every afternoon after school, for my mom and me. It was a ritual!

I remember my mom picking me up from school, every day.

I remember waking up on a plane with no shirt on, I had taken it off in my sleep. My dad thought it was hilarious.

I remember puppy in my pocket.

They say you don’t remember before two, but I know that the stairs lead into the house that I left when I was 2. I clearly remember them. I have other, fuzzy memories of that house as well. I remember the dogs barking and someone knocking on the door, my mom asking how they got into the property. Random hay. My earliest memories are fuzzy but clear, and happy. I had a wonderfully happy childhood, not to mention a charmed one. One constant memory? My mom. My mom who stayed home with us, she fetched and carried and did all sorts. Baking, cooking and doing whatever else was needed. I felt horribly guilty at the time, but now realize that she didn’t mind. She put us first. Every single time.

Today we celebrate a wonderful persons life. A person who has had lots of sadness in her 50 years, but who has given lots of hugs and loads of advice. My mom is my best friend, the first person I call (at least twice a day). Our relationship has changed since I had Lily, since I realized what it means to be a mother. Something someone can’t understand until they have children of their own.

To my mom, in licorice and wine, sour worms and chocolate raisins, endless books and soppy movies. In coffee dates and lengthy phone calls, late night and early morning chats. Hair dressing and make up and clothes sharing. Thank you for being my mom.

Happy birthday.

Day one:self portrait


Hmm, a self-portrait. I’m sure the logical would be to take a picture of myself and have it done with, but since I’m in pyjamas with dirty hair and no makeup, that’s not going to happen.

So instead I’ll tell you about myself. I am a 26 year old, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I am a recruitment consultant, specializing in IT placements. I love my job, I find it stressful and get frazzled and confused but I love it! I studied Corporate Communications and psychology straight from school and went onto to do honours in trauma counselling, which I didn’t complete. I didn’t love school; I tolerated it but wouldn’t go back if you paid me. My fave subjects were History and English, my worst; Maths and Biology. I still have nightmares about my finial maths exams. PTSD I think! I loved studying psychology and enjoyed my community service, which I did at a children’s shelter. I learnt more in the year that I worked there than I did in my degree. If I could go back I would have taken a gap year, and travelled more. I would have studied religion or hairdressing, or both.

I met my soul mate in a bar and it was love at first sight, as corny as that may sound. We had a long distance relationship for three years, lived together for one before we got married and went overseas. We lived in Australia and England and finally came home and settled in Richards Bay where we had our daughter, Lily. I have moved every six months since I moved out of my mom’s house. To date we have lived in the same house for almost a year, we’re planning on moving in the next month or so.

I always wanted to be a mom. The act of being a mother was a shock and much harder in some aspects and easier in others, than I expected it to be.

I love all things pink and fluffy, I’m a girly girl but will always choose handbag over shoes, hair over nails. Sweet over salty and water over most drinks. My fave meal is lasagne with salad, or macaroni cheese with tomato sauce. Crème Brule is my go to dessert. Chocolate is always a winner in my book.

I’m a book addict and especially love YA fiction and criminal thrillers. I love love love Harry Potter, I listen to the audiobooks on repeat and my heart smiles every time. I love gory, scary books. Karen Slaughter and Kathy Reich are two of my faves. I seem to read female authors a lot but that’s just by fluke. I have book hangovers often, and when I’m really into a book I dream about it for days.

My people mean the world to me. My Lily, Shaun, mom, dad, brother and Jen are the frequent players in my worst nightmares as I worry about them the most. My brother is on the top of the list, I will always feel protective over him.

I love TV, especially Greys, Glee and South Park. To be honest I just love TV series.

I have wild hair, incredible curly and frizzy and insanely thick. Awful skin that is prone to eczema, nails that break and teeth that only got holes in after my pregnancy. I cried like a baby when I had my first filling at 25 years old.

And that’s me. I try be kind to everyone I meet. I try not to judge. I’m pro-choice. I take this to mean that I am pro people choosing to live how they want. It pisses me off that others think that they can dictate how others can live. I try very hard not to push my opinion on others and I try to be tolerant and kind. Kindness is all that matters in the big scheme of things. Everything else falls into place automatically.