Lily 19 month update


19 things about Lily on her 19 Month birthday (yes, a day late)


  1. She loves dolls, but her Tilly doll from my Great Grandmother Hilda is her favourite. Closely followed by Ana who she got from Vanda’s folks. She calls her Nnnnnnana.


  1. She still doesn’t sleep very well, she battles to go to sleep and battles to stay asleep, but has started waking at midnight, 4am, 5am and then finally at 7, so not to bad


  1. She is still breastfed and no sign of her stopping anytime soon, I’m ok with it and have resigned myself to tandem feeding.
  2. Lily loves broccoli, mash potato, olives, cheese and yogurt.
  3. She is incredibly friendly and shares so nicely, she will play with something, like her bike or her rocking horse and then climb off and take your hand and make you go on it as well.
  4. She loves other kids and points out babas where ever we are
  5. Her favourite words are me me me, or more more always said like that.
  6. Last week Shaun and I were both dada and this week we are both mama, anyone else is called baba
  7. She calls birds “bi” and says tweet tweet (kind of) when we ask what sound they make, dogs are called woo woos and cats are “ca” she proudly says TTTTTea in the mornings and runs to the kitchen while I make her tea.
  8. She understands everything. If I say that she must turn off the tv so that we can go out, she does it, if I ask her if she is hungry she nods or shakes her head, and will take me to the fridge and point if she wants something from it!
  9. She loves to read but wants me to point out things to her, she will take my hand and point to things with it
  10. She chooses her own clothes (I give her a choice of two outfits) and loves to wear shoes (which is said sssshhhhhhoes)384366_10151245275685339_905701059_n
  11. She knows all her body parts (and ours) and only confuses eye and ear.
  12. She loves to pick up anything that she can put over her arm like a handbag and wave tata and give a goodbye kiss (sometimes with a grocery bag, my handbag, or the cutlery basket from the dishwasher)
  13. EVERYTHING is a phone, especially the remote for the ceiling fan. She has long conversations to imaginary friends. She knows that shes not allowed to have the cell phones and will always (ok not always but a lot of the time)pass me a cell phone when she finds it.
  14. She loves to run and play catchers. Her fave is to chase Shaun and I around the house with her toy snake, we pretend to be scared and she laughs hysterically!
  15. She loves to dance, the three of us spend a lot of time dancing, the neighbours must thing we’re mad, we have a lot of fun though.Durban-20120930-00177
  16. She loves to bath, loves water in general. Her granny bought her two RoboFish recently and to start off with she was petrified of them, loved to wtch them swim around the bath but wouldn’t go in the water with them, two weeks later and she adores them, as soon as she gets home from school she runs to the bathroom and takes them out the cabinet where we keep them and demands we run the bath.
  17. She doesn’t need to talk, she says more and more words but honestly doesn’t need to talk because she makes sure you know what she wants. You cant say no to her, if she wants something you do it, simple. That’s how she got Shaun and I, the Hello Kitty Motorbike and herself all crammed into her tunell, how she got her uncle and (future) aunt to play in the (turned off) shower with her and how she gets me to read books to her, while sitting on the kitchen floor. You cant help but drop what you’re doing and play with her. She is incredibly indulged and that is exactly how we like it.


I’ve run out of points but have one more thing to say, she adores school, she throws tantrums most days because doesn’t want to leave. Her teacher says that she is kind and sweet and a real little helper. I say that she throws tantrums but they don’t last long, we walk away and ignore her and she gets over it fast enough. Distraction works well. She has her days, those days that feel six months long, where she is a grumpy pants but we get through them together. We play a lot, we laugh A LOT and we behave like children a hell of a lot. Shaun and I have a ball being this little girls parents, she is so funny and sweet and has the most adorable giggle


We are blessed






About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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  1. I know EXACTLY why this post was posted today. You say Lily is indulged – she’s not.

    She. Is. Loved.


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