Weekend Roundup



Friday was as Fridays normally are, in the Richards House. They go something like this:

ME: what do you feel like for dinner?

Shaun: I don’t know whatever

Me: ok but like what

Shaun: I don’t care I had (insert various filling takeaway item) for lunch

Me: well just because you’re not hungry doesn’t mean I’m not hungry

Shaun: I didn’t say that I’m not hungry

Me: but you said your full!

Shun: I’ll still eat though, what do you want

Me: nothing never mind I’ll have toast *crosses arms*

Shaun: fine

Me: but I don’t want toast!

Shaun: what do you want?

Me: how about Steers?

Shaun: or Nandos?

Me: fine then you have to get it because I can’t park

Shaun: fine

Me: let’s just get pizza they deliver

Shaun: ok what about Lily

Me: silence.


This is our house every Friday night. Lily will usually get a pizza which she’ll eat the toppings off or refuse to touch or gobble up completely, you never know with her.


Sat we spent at uShaka Marine World with friends from JHB and their two kids. After chasing Lily around the aquarium and trying to interest her in the fish for half an hour we went to watch a seal show, followed by a dolphin show. Now Shaun and I are not the biggest fans of animals in captivity but it is amazing to see those dolphins. They are so beautiful, I got quite emotional watching them, so clever. Lily loved it and was absolutely captivated when they started jumping and shouted more more more when they were finished. We then went to the water slide side and played in the pools, it was very very busy though so we didn’t do any of the slides which is such a waste but with toddlers, waiting in the long line is not going to happen

Lily passed out before we even got out the parking and slept all through our next stop at people’s park, where the older kids played on the jungle gyms while she slept on the grass under a tree. Then home for some woollies meals and an early night, she slept from 9 till 4! Longest stretch in a very long time, her teeth are still really bothering her and now she has a cold on top of it. Cutting her canines and molars at the same time. Not fun for anyone


Shaun starts Sundays off with a swim and a beach run and Lily and I usually have a lazy morning. This Sunday was no different asides from the fact that she woke up in a moany mood and whined and complained all morning. French toast with hundreds and thousands landed on the floor, she drop a metal grid thing on my toe which was agony and was just miserable. I sent Shaun an SOS message and when he didn’t respond I bundled her in the car and went to the shops. Which was just as much of a mission. Came home a grumbling mess and passes her off to Shaun who took her to the beach. She passed out before he got there so he came home and she slept for a few hours. Rest of the day was spent packing and sorting (yes we moving again, try to keep up)

This week will be spent sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for things to happen and not knowing how we feel about things either way. Not a great place to be, but one that we have been at before more than once

Have a wonderful week kind friends, I will be trying to blog more and be a better blog friend, it’s a work in progress…


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