And baby will make four…


So I’m pregnant. Yes it was planned, yes we’re excited and now we don’t know what we’re having yet and how do I feel? Awful. Thank you very much.


Here is a quick rundown of events:

Monday: I was sitting at the office, when it suddenly occurred to me that I was pregnant. As simple as that. I sent a friend who has just had her baby a text saying “a bit nauseous and a bit crampy and think I may need to pee on a stick”. She replied in a heartbeat and ordered me to go do it right now. Which I didn’t do. I bought one but decided to do it the following morning to be super accurate.

Tuesday morning; 6am: Shaun was writing a big exam, and we had a whole lot of other stuff going on at the same time. All which was coming to a head on the Tuesday. So I had decided before I even did the test, not to mention anything to him regardless of the outcome, until after his exam. So I got up and did the test and as I put the cap back on Lily woke up and called me. So I crammed the test back in the box and rushed off to get her. Once I had settled her and everything I went back in, looked  at the test, and took a double take at the very strong double line.


Oh dear


Tuesday 6.30am: I am trying to stay calm and not cry because although I’m happy and excited and blah blah I am so super stressed out because of the events of the day we were about to experience. Shaun came in to chat and I burst into tears and gave him the test. He was thrilled, then contemplative and we both realized the implications. I went to work and carried on as normal, feeling pretty awful but keeping it to myself, I wasn’t ready to share.

Wednesday: I did another positive test.  I picked Lily up from school with a fever of 39.1.

Thursday: I left work early and took Lily to the doctor who diagnosed tonsillitis. I asked him to do a blood test for me and let me know how many weeks I was (No I’m not totally irresponsible, I don’t get periods. Breastfeeding FTW!).

Friday: doctor forgot to call me with results

Saturday: doctor called and said I was 6 weeks. I did a clear blue test just to be sure and it confirmed it (I spend way to much money on little sticks to pee on). We then told the family but kept it quiet until I could tell work.

Monday: I told my boss and they were all really happy for me, exactly 2.5 seconds after I told them, Shaun told Facebook.

I booked my appointment for my eight week scan and we went to the doctor fully expecting to see a blob and hopefully a racing heart, only to be greeted with arms and legs and a pounding heart that we could hear as well as see. Turns out the date tests are very unreliable and I’m 12 weeks. Not 8.




So we are due on the 29th December, I have been plagued by flu twice, a tummy bug and numerous coughs and sniffles, bad morning sickness and lower back pain. Already! I have to remind myself constantly that I am carrying a little person, as my out of body little person is so busy and keeps me on my toes. She is going to be such an awesome big sister! I have felt a lot sicker this time round but it is lifting finally.


I’m excited , nervous, thrilled, elated and downright shit scared…


About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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