July, a good month!


I want to write a blog about my theories on smacking and dealing with a non-sleeping toddler (yes, I saw the subtweets) but since my last post was a soap box post I thought I would post something light hearted for now. Life and work are really interfering with my blogging; I am just so busy with work and my little family. So when I do get a minute I end up ranting about things that have been brewing for a few days. So bear with me with those posts, if you don’t want to read them, don’t.


Here is a snap shot of our life at the moment:

  • Lily has finally learned to say thank you, it is the cutest thing when I had her something and she says “dan doo”. I am now working on please and getting her to say thank you for having me to her teacher. I realize it is unreasonable but I hate it when she says “more more” and I constantly say through gritted teeth “more please!” So now she says ‘more?’ with a head tilt and a lilt in her voice and I know she is trying to be polite. Ha ha, it’s the small things.
  • Baby is a girl! She is now 18 weeks and growing a week ahead of her age-which is great! I am feeling small kicks at least once a day but I have to focus to feel them, they’re still tiny.
  • Lily knows there is a baba in mommy’s tummy, but thinks she has one in her tummy too. And if I try say there is a sister in mommies tummy she gets upset and says ‘no, baba’!
  • My cousin, Tyrone, is living with us for a little while and it is great, Lily adores him and it is great to have someone around to reminisce with. We spend ages chatting about family holidays and things we have seen.
  • I had an amazing birthday, celebrated all week and was spoilt like mad. My mom spent the weekend with us and we just had a ball. It continued into the following week with a surprise gift from my dad and my bonus, and has ended off with me falling in love with my tax consultant who got me an awesome rebate. Who says birthdays need to only be one day? I celebrate mine all month….
  • Work is going so well, I am learning so much and can’t believe I have only been working in IT for 8 months. It is so nice to find a spot I fit into. If I have to write a list of my talents and things that I’m good at, the list would be short. But I AM good at reading people and talking to people. So this job suits me fine.
  • I got an Air Fryer from my mom in law and I LOVE it! Does anyone else have one? We are having a ball experimenting with it. you know you’re a grown up when your list of favourite things looks like this:
    •  Dishwasher
    • Kindle
    • Slow cooker
    • Ipod
    • Airfryer
    • Popcorn maker
  • August should be fairly peaceful, hopefully with a visit from my cousin Lorraine and her lovely little family, and a lovely day off. September will be mad, we have Lilys birthday, then I have a quick trip to JHB for my mom’s pamper party, and then the wedding two weeks later. Might spend a week in JHB afterwards but all depends on leave.
  • I am still breastfeeding, it sucks (excuse the pun). Breastfeeding when pregnant is the pits. 18 weeks in and it is still sore. But, we all get more sleep this way, so I am sucking it up. My favourite motto.
  • I have just finished the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey and loved it, gripping and hectic. It does involve aliens BUT it is a story about the humans, and is really god. Worth a read if you can bear the suspense of waiting for the follow up. I also read The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult which was one of the most harrowing reads in a long time. I have read hectic books before but this is so crazy, written as a first person account of a concentration camp in WW2. As a mother I am a lot more sensitive to these things then I ever was before. I am currently reading the new Karen Slaughter which I got as a birthday gift (her books are awesome, albeit gory) and the newest Dan Brown (my problem with this is that I keep seeing Tom Hanks with bad hair when I read it, I wish I had never seen those stupid movies). Oh! And the final Sookie Stackhouse was good, but I am sad that the series is finished, it was always a good, light read. And I loved the nod to Karen Slaughter in it! True blood Season 6 is veering so off track from the books, I have no idea where they are going with it. Let’s be honest though, if we can look at Eric who really cares?

That’s all for now, I will climb onto my soap box with my next post, read it, don’t read it….


About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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  1. Isn’t those thank you’s just amazing. Our little boy has been very reluctant to start talking, and this week my husband gave him a glass of water. He took a sip, gave it back and said ‘Dankie Pappa’. Husband then called me to give him the glass, and he said ‘Dankie Mamma’, and then his sister gave him the glass and ‘Dankie Drea’. We continued until he was so fed up of water.

    By the way, his sister was just over 3 when he was born and she is now 5 and still every now and then she is convinced she has a baby in her tummy. Sometimes I’ll offer her a drink, and then she’ll say the baby doesn’t like that drink or the baby wants some cookies etc.

    I’m only on True Blood Season 5 now. Not enough Eric so far.

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