Conversations with my three year old


We have these conversations EVERYDAY with Lily.

L: Mommy, what colour is your hair?

S: Blonde

L: What colour is your face

S: erm, peach (Shaun once said Caucasian and got a very weird look from Lily)

L: what colour is your nose?

L: what colour is your legs?

(This goes on for a while. Sometimes I change it up and answer green or blue, but she gets cross when I do!)

L: Mommy, on Monday I’m going to see Grandpa Kulu (this is her word for my dad)

S: On Monday? I don’t think so my babe

L: yes I am

S: on Monday you’re going to school baby

L: when then?

S: I’m not sure my baby, Grandpa Kulu is very busy

L: you phone him and see when he’s coming to play in my Wendy house

M: ok

*looking out the window in the car*

L: mommy what’s that man doing?

S: which man?

L: that man there

S: that one?

L: no

S: that one?


S: that one?

L: NO Mommy!

S: which one Bean?

L: the one in the blue shirt

S: oh. He’s walking to work.

L: why?

S: because he doesn’t have a car so he is walking

L: why

S: because not everyone has cars

L: why

S: because it’s expensive to have a car

L: why

S: sigh. Because it is my love

L: why

…this goes on for a while

*reading her book in the car*

L: mommy look here

S: I can’t look baby, I’m driving

L: look here, what’s this?

S: I can’t see my baby I’m driving

L: why?

S: because we’re going to school

L: mommy look here!

S: I can’t Bean I’m driving and it’s not safe for me to turn around

L: why

S: because if I turn around to look at your book I might crash and then you and your sister will be very sore and have to go to the doctor and daddy will be very sad. It’s my responsibility to get us to school safely…cue long lecture…

L: silence

L: silence

L: mommy look here…

L: Mommy are you going for a hair cut?

S: no, not today

L: why not?

S: because I don’t have any money

L: I’m going to buy you some money

L: mommy I’m going to the shops (Usually in her sisters walking ring, or pushing her trolley. She will have one of her handbags over her shoulder, a shopping bag, her sunglasses and a baby with her)

S: what are you going to buy?

L: coffee, ice cream, chocolate and chips!

L: mommy, what colour is your……..eyes/hair/cheeks/knees

(We have this conversation at least five times a day)

L: mommy we can’t go to school, the puppies are lonely!

L: Emily is catching me! (Runs away shrieking with laughter while Emily stares at her)

L: mommy, one day when you were small, you rode on Grandpa Kulus bike. I was a baby in your tummy. (Weeks ago I told her about our visit to Amsterdam and riding on the back on my dad’s bike. I was six, so she was definitely not in my tummy.)


About ournextbigadventure

After a few years of travelling around and itchy feet, my husband and I have embarked on our greatest adventure yet...parenthood! We have been blessed with a beautiful little girl named Lily Sage. Now everyday is filled not with questions of "where to next?" but with baby smiles, hiccups and milky breaths.

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