1. I’ve always wanted to be a mom

2. but I never thought I’d have my own kids, I always thought I’d adopt.

3. until I met my soul mate!

4. I love being married more than anything

5. I lived in JHB my whole life but live on the coast now and happier than I’ve ever been.

6. I love cooking

7. My favourite comfort food is home made Mac and Cheese with tomato sauce

8. Creme Brule is my favorite dessert.

9. I have a younger brother who I adore, and constantly worry about.

10. My biggest fear is losing someone I love

11. Im terrified of needles< but not of the pain. The thought of them poking me freaks me out.

12. Im also terrified of spiders, but not of being bitten. Im scared they touch me.

13. Everyday I wish my parents didn't get divorced, even though they have been apart for 10 years now.

14. I have to forgive my step mother everyday, so that one day hopefully Ill stop blaming her.

15. I am a pacifist and don't like conflict

16. Im not very creative, but I wish I was!

17. when i think horrible thoughts about people I berate myself and apologise to them…in my thoughts.

18. I believe thoughts can change things

19. I believe what goes around comes around, so I try to be nice to everyone I meet

20. I hate racism

21. especially women who are racist, I find it much more offensive than when a man is racist

22. I openly admit im sexist.

23. I very rarely swear

24. I try hard not to judge others, although I have to remind myself of this often

25. especially when I see parents not strapping their children in- this makes my blood boil.

26. I thank the ATM when it gives me money, not always in my mind.

27. I pray every night

28. the first thing I say is Thank you for my hubby

29. I love religion

30. But I'm not at all religious

31. I'm very spiritual and believe what I believe with everything I have

32. I still have two Great- Grandmothers, but no Great- Grandfathers

33. I don't believe in heaven and hell, even though I grew up terrified of the devil

34. I remember the second I realized that I didn't believe in any of it

35. Im not very clever (I'm not being modest) but I read a lot so I sound clever.

36. I read so fast I usually read my books four or five times.

37. Im a Harry Potter addict and just about know the books off by heart

38. All I want from my kids is that they are kind

39. The worst thing my kids could be are bullies

40. I wish I could be a hippy, its just not a look I could pull off.

41. I'm the kind of person who wont be happy anywhere, I'm always thinking "where to next"

42. I loved England and will live there again one day

43. As soon as I landed in Australia I wanted to go home.

44. I hate having a maid, but unfortunately I'm a terrible house keeper so have a lady who comes in once a week.

45. I can do pretty much any style in my hair using my GHD, its my most prized possession.

46. When I found out I was pregnant I went blank, then sat on the toilet and smiled for like five mins

47. I have a cat named Milkshake who is so special, he has a wonderful little soul and I'm so glad we saved him from the SPCA when we did.

48. I wish I could do more to help the starving people in the world, but I don't know where to start.

49. I always wanted to have bright red hair, like Ariel the mermaid

50. I love feeling my baby kick, but other than that I'm not enjoying being pregnant. I hate being so huge.

51. I've never won anything

52. I get very upset when people are rude to me, it can destroy my whole day

53. I have a fantastic relationship with both my parents

54. My cousin is like a sister to me, and I miss her so much now that she's moved away

55. I think cheating is the worst thing someone can ever do

56. closely followed by lying

57. My husband is a fantastic surfer and is only truly happy when he's in the water, I'll never move in-land purely because I know how much he'll miss the sea

58. I'm terrified of the sea and the waves

59. My brother is incredibly intelligent, and most of the time I have no idea what he's talking about

60. I'm pretty good with computers- although this is thanks largely to Google.

61. I have a soul friend in Jenni, she is the most wonderful person and I hope her life is perfect.

62. I have very sensitive skin and terrible eczema.

63. I meet people very easily

64. but I'm pretty happy with my own company

65. I would love to own a book store

66. I have a BA in Corporate Communications.

67. I wish I had studied hairdressing, but feel that its to late now

68. I'd also have loved to be a GP

69. I remember my dad being horrified when I said I wanted to be a secretary one day when I'm big, but I still think its a cool job!

70. I spend 97% of my time worrying something will go wrong with my baby.

71. the other 3% of my time is spent telling myself not to worry

72. I hate making phone calls to people I don't know, but do it just about daily

73. I had laser surgery on my eyes a year ago, and it was the scariest thing I've ever done- but so worth while

74. I'm a terrible speller, so I use spell check all the time

75. My pet peeve is bad spelling and grammar

76. I work from home, which I love and hate. I get so lonely.

77. As a recruitment agent I have had to fire two people. Both times I cried.

78. Every time I leave the house I check I've turned my hair straightener off, whether I've used it or not. I'm so scared the house burns down and its my fault

79. I cant believe people drive drunk, I'll never understand it.

80. I'm not a big drinker because I get sick to quickly and don't like the taste of alcohol

81. I miss Shaun so much when we're apart, even just for a day

82. He once worked away for 5 weeks…it was hell from day one.

83. I'd rather my kids have their dad with them all the time than have buckets of money

84. I hate discussing weight, yours, mine, anyone's. I hate it.

85. My parents took us travelling when we were younger, and so I have seen most of Europe and America. I have wonderful memories from these trips.

86. My favorite song in the whole world is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, it was my dance with my dad at my wedding.

87. It rained all day on my wedding day, but I didn't mind.

88. I can read violent books, but not watch violent movies.

89. I love flowers that look like cartoons, that's why Gerberers are my favorite

90. I love Disney!

91. I'm a handbag person more than a shoe person. I'd rather spend money on a handbag.

92. I hate telling the time on a normal clock

93. I always mix up my lefts and rights.

94. I also have to consciously think which way a "b" and a "d" go when I'm writing

95. I actually don't mind washing dishes

96. but HATE washing the floor

97. I laugh at stupid jokes for ages, and will often wake myself up laughing at something dum.

98. I don't like going out to clubs, although I have fun when I'm out. I prefer to go out to dinner or a braai so I can talk.

99. My babys name is Lily and my cousins baby is James. Together we have Harry Potters parents. No it wasn't planned.

100. I only drink Rooibos tea, normal tea smells disgusting to me.

101. I love all things pink and sparkly!


3 responses »

  1. 1. I’ve always wanted to be a mom>>>>>>>DITTO
    2. but I never thought I’d have my own kids, I always thought I’d adopt……DBL DITTO
    3. until I met my soul mate!
    4. I love being married more than anything
    5. I lived in JHB my whole life but live on the coast now and happier than I’ve ever been…….I MOVED FOR JHB TODBN BACK TO JHB…MISS DBN TERRIBLY
    6. I love cooking………DITTO…
    7. My favourite comfort food is home made Mac and Cheese with tomato sauce…..MORE SPECIFICALLY MY GRAN’S MAC AND CHEESE WITH TOMATO SAUCE
    8. Creme Brule is my favorite dessert…..HELL YES
    9. I have a younger brother who I adore, and constantly worry about…..2 OLDER BROTHERS
    10. My biggest fear is losing someone I love….TRIPLE DITTO
    11. Im terrified of needles>>>DONT BUY IT FOR ME….

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